The History and Mystery of Baltimore Album Quilts

Length – 1 hour

The history of Baltimore Album quilts is a fascinating journey into an America headed for the Civil War. Discover how the industrial revolution, the struggle over slavery and the social and moral climate of the time contributed to this beautiful art form. Through stories, we will explore how the demise of Baltimore Album quilts leads us into the hearts and minds of the women who made them, and how this delightful mystery connects us with our sisters of long ago.



About Jaimie's lectures: 

Lectures are presented in Microsoft PowerPoint format. In addition to a Baltimore Album Quilt, a collection of blocks will be available for show. The lecture fee is $300.


View a PDF of the Lecture Contract




Requirements for all lectures:

  • Quilt rack to display quilts vertically

  • Screen or wall for projection

  • Two tables (1 for projector and laptop, 1 for display)

  • Three-prong extension cord


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